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Stuck on Repeat

Posted Feb 09 2011 11:59pm

I am definitely one who goes through food-phases. I find that I keep making the same couple of dishes over and over until I get tired of them and move onto the next few…

Lately I am all about minestrone (pictured above with garlic pita chips) and more veggie than egg frittata :

And despite the fact that it’s a little boring, there’s nothing really wrong with this. Both these dishes are healthy and vegetable-packed. It’s amazing to me still–even after almost a year of eating this way–how many vegetables I eat now. It is so different from the S.A.D . that I had eaten my whole life.

In other news, it has been an impressive week of school work:

My thoughts?

Don’t get me wrong, I am usually in love with what I study, but this week has been a bad crop of lectures. Some professors can really make the most fascinating topics boring.

Anyway, in case I’m boring you, have some links:

GlamourAre You Addicted to Sugar? It Might Be In Your Genes – Shaky science here, but I’d love it if they got some good data on this soon.

YumUniverseHow To’s Day: Dicing Celery – Hmmmm… Beats chopping the way I had been doing it!

KitchnThe Truth About Orange Juice – Conventional orange juice you find in the grocery store is processed crap. Go fresh-squeezed, or go home!

Food FightHave a (Diet) Coke… and a Stroke – I am glad that I have really cut way back on my diet soda consumption. This stuff just doesn’t belong in your daily diet (IMO).

NYTimes WellPhys Ed: Does Loneliness Reduce the Benefits of Exercise? – Fascinating.

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