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Stuck in the Middle.

Posted May 15 2013 8:30am

I have an issue with a few words . I consider them no-no words. They aren’t bad words, but they just irk me. I’m officially adding a new one to that list…


I think you get where I am going with this.

For the past few weeks I have been playing around with 1.2 lbs and not getting anywhere with them. Well, technically I am giving them away and then getting them back. It is frustrating to say the least.

A friendly reader sent me an email the other day kindly reminding me to update my stats on My Fitness Pal so the widget would show my new pounds lost status. Waaaahhhhh! I sadly wrote back and said it WAS updated. No news is good news?! Not in this case.

I’m also running into an issue with my clothing. I like my clothes. A lot. Unfortunately, a lot of them are becoming really baggy. If I am honest, I don’t really mind that. I prefer loose fitting clothes and love the whole boho chic look. Unfortunately, my baggy clothes are becoming more hobo than boho. Nothing really fits right and everything looks just…wrong. I have a few pairs of jeans that I was able to dig out of the archives to wear so I’m good there. (When did I ever think flare jeans were ok?!) But tops? Forget about it. Obviously this is a great issue to have and one that I am glad to be experiencing. However, I am cheap sometimes and really Really REALLY don’t want to buy more clothes only to grow out of them as well. *Fingers crossed* I made a trip to Old Navy and Target to see what I could come up with which is where I found out that I am in that weird in between size. Oh good.

I left Target last night with not a stitch of clothing. Considering that it is Spend Less May (which I forgot about yesterday while I was looking at clothes) it probably worked out in the end that I couldn’t find anything I liked.

In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of layering. That is in, right?

Conveniently, these issues are popping up just in time for me to get ready to attend a blogger retreat (BLENDS!) over the weekend. In general, I have pretty good self confidence. There are times though, like healthy living conferences, that I just want to blend in. I don’t want to be the fittest girl or the most athletic. I just want to be the one that doesn’t come in last. I also have a tendency to approach all things uncomfortable and slightly awkward with humor. My self deprecating humor sometimes does not go over well with the healthy living folks, some of who are dealing with their own body issues. I distinctly remember meeting a woman at my first blog conference who was about 6 feet tall. I awkwardly made a joke about borrowing a few of her inches so I could stretch myself out. It was lame, but that isn’t the point. Her response was, “Oh don’t say that! We are all beautiful in our own way. I can only see people’s heart and goodness when I look at them.” Ugh. I think I might have actually made a face at that statement. Very sweet, but I’m sorry, I can only be my own cheerleader for so long before my face starts to hurt from smiling. A good joke at my own expense keeps me sane. With all that said, I’m really looking forward to this weekend and meeting some amazing people. Seriously! Hopefully they get my jokes.

So long story short…I’m just going to keep with what I am doing though and really paying attention to all the things that go in my body and all the things I sweat out of my body. I know I am on the right path and that this funk is all just part of the process.  This weekend I am going to wear the things that fit me the best, do the best that I can at my workouts until then and while I’m there, and try to bust through this weird phase. I have been reading a few different weight loss blogs that have been around for some time to see how they dealt with plateaus. It is comforting to read about other people’s issues and how they dealt with them. Even if that isn’t necessarily the way I would have handled the same situation, I like knowing that there are other options out there that I could take a look at. When I get back from my little trip I am doing a little shakeup to my workout routine to see how that effects my progress too. I realize that the weight isn’t going to come off in record time, but if this current phase could speed up a little that would be awesome.


To keep excited about sticking with my exercising and running  during my plateau I decided to break in my new sneakers. At least I know that these fit! I have undiagnosed Plantar Fascitis in my right heel and my old shoes were not doing me any favors. But I don’t care for change all that much and continued to wear them all of the time. Even after I bought my new sneakers. I have worn my new shoes a few times, but after a particularly painful Zumba class last week I finally cracked open the box and really start to get use to them.

So far, so good! I ended up getting the Nike Air Pegasus+29. I’m no sneaker expert but I like that these are light weight, supportive, and don’t seem to bother my heel. While I prefer all things neon for my athletic footwear, this color isn’t so bad either.

These new shoes combined with my HRM are keeping me excited to get dressed for workouts.


So I know that this wasn’t the most positive update ever, but it is real. I’m not one to talk about my feelings or crap like that with others, but I have received some great responses on the blog so far when I talk about my progress. It has been nice to use this little space as an outlet for my ridiculous stories and thoughts. Hopefully my sarcastic tone and personality come through on these types of posts. If it doesn’t, oops! I promise that, in general, I have a positive outlook on life. Just don’t ask me to show it this week. ;)


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