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Stressed Out? Learn to Relax Tomorrow Night

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:13pm

If you're stressed out, as many of us are, I've got some great news.

Tomorrow night, I'm presenting a very special tele-seminar to help you manage your stress.

It's with a wonderful M.D., who specializes in stress management and who also just happens to be one of those who has the most incredible bedside manner!

* * *

So, do any of the following ring true for you?

  • Are you having challenges keeping your stress under control?
  • Do you lose your focus or your cool when feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you cave in and eat fattening, sugary foods at ice cream eateries, bagel joints and other tempting places
  • Do you feel yourself getting wound up when there's simply too much to do?

Look to be honest with you, managing my stress is quite challenging to me at times.

That's why tomorrow night's tele-seminar is very special to me.

It's designed to give you some effective stress-busting tips.

Our two-part program began last week, but you can still catch up.

If you'd like to learn how to better handle stress, you'll want to attend the second of our two-part, stress-relieving tele-seminar series.

* * *


I'm pleased to present Jill Baron, M.D., PC, FAAP, DABHM -- an acclaimed Primary Care and Holistic Physician and Stress Management Expert -- in her 'Don't Mess With Stress™ tele-seminar series.

In this exciting tele-seminar, I'll interview Dr. Baron, who will give you easy techniques to:

  • Relax at any time, under any condition...even in crowded airports, long lines at the supermarket or when your significant other or kids are screaming at you;
  • Keep you from reaching for cookies, chocolates and other refined carbs, even when surrounded by one enticing candy store or bakery after another;
  • Sleep better;
  • Make healthier food choices so you have more energy, improved concentration and a more relaxed frame of mind;
  • Be more calm and have fewer mood swings so you don't take it out on the ones you love;
  • Decrease your risk of diabetes; and
  • Optimize your overall health.

Space is limited to this exciting program, so reserve your place now, before all the spots are gone.

Worried because you missed the first of the two tele-seminars? No problem: Getting on the list will ensure that you get free access to downloads for both calls.

* * *

Here are the details you'll need:

TOPIC: Don't Mess With Stress™

GUEST: Jill Baron, M.D., PC, FAAP, DABHM -- an acclaimed Primary Care and Holistic Physician and Stress Management Expert.

DATE: March 28, 2006

TIME: 5:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 pm Central / 8:30 pm Eastern

HOST/INTERVIEWER/PRESENTER: Connie Bennett, journalist/kick-sugar coach; author, SUGAR SHOCK! (Jan. 2007); holistic health counselor; and creator of the Fast-Track, Kick-Sugar Countdown Program™ and 21-Day, Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Countdown Diet™

DURATION: 60 to 75 Minutes

NOTE: We start promptly, according to

RAFFLE PRIZES: For those who participate in the call live, we will hold a special drawing for:

- 2 complimentary admissions to my upcoming 21-Day Stop SUGAR SHOCK™ Diet & Countdown Program™, designed to help you Stomp Sugar Out of Your Life!, beginning May 9. (Value - $ 397)

- 2 complimentary admissions to replays of all 14 (10 so far) tele-seminars in my Fast-Track, Kick-Sugar Countdown Program™. (Value - $97)

Sign up now for the exciting stress-busting call.

While you're at it, feel free to spread the word about Dr. Baron's exciting, two-part tele-seminar series.

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