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Stress Reduction: Bottom Line Impact

Posted Oct 05 2010 3:05pm

Corporate investment in stress management is well worth it.  Few people know how to recognize it, much less manage it.  And stress affects productivity–not to mention heart disease, stroke, impotence, high blood pressure, back problems and depression.

Stress can kill…or at least injure.  It causes rigidity and diminishes the ability to help others.  Working well under pressure is one thing; working well under constant, unremitting, long term stress means higher cortisol levels, a constant-fight-or-flight-response, and burn-out.

Can vacations be good medicine? Yes, but most workers need better, easy tools to learn three areas for the job.  The most powerful interventions workers learn are small, focused interventions to minimize stress and balance work and family.  This leads to lower employee turnover and improved productivity.

I teach these in seminars, and I am seeing stress affect and exacerbate other conditions (obesity, flu, addiction, insomnia).  Consider these facts, from the business group on health:

The answers to these conditions is not more work, or more medication (although the latter can have a role).  It’s also not enforced company fun, or hunkering down.

Instead, it’s breathing techniques to stop the stress barrage. It’s teaching resilience. It’s permitting more control over time, and giving people time away to recharge.

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