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Strengthen your bones

Posted Jun 10 2008 11:10pm


Many People think drinking milk or consuming any kind of dairy helps build stronger bones. Surprisingly many people who suffer from osteoporosis consume dairy as part of their diet.

One must think of their body as an adaptive organism. You must give this organism a reason to build a stronger skeletal frame.

Taking calcium supplements or drinking milk is not a good enough reason for your body to become stronger. The possibility of having your bones break from physical stress is.

Your bone is a living organ that has the ability to change and adapt. You will trigger an alarm if you lift something that puts a great deal of tension on your skeletal frame. As an adaptive response your body releases cells that will make your bones denser and stronger.

In order to build new bone from weight bearing exercise or tension you must have an adequate amount of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous, zinc, protein and magnesium. A majority of these nutrients you get from eating salmon, beans, spinach, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Spending 15 minutes or more in sunlight will give your body its daily requirement of vitamin D.

All of these nutrients work together and can not function by themselves in creating new bone. Do not make the mistake of thinking you only need calcium for strong bones. Without the other nutrients calcium will not be absorbed into your blood and it will not have the the ability to bond and form new bone.

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