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Strengthen Brittle Nails with Biotin

Posted Aug 12 2008 10:17am
If strong, long nails seem like an impossible dream because yours peel and split before they have a chance to really sprout, increasing your biotin intake may be your ticket to beautiful hands.

This B vitamin helps with the production of a strong protein called keratin, which is a major component of nails.

While the recommended daily allowance for biotin is only 30 mcg a day, Natural Solutions reported this month that most studies linking biotin to increased nail strength used considerably more. The magazine cited two studies where one found that participants taking 2,500 mcg of biotin a day had a 25 percent increase in thickness. The other study found that 63 percent of people taking the same dose of biotin showed improvement after six months.

The magazine reported that biotin has not been found to be toxic at high doses because the body eliminates any it doesn't use.

Of course, simply adding biotin-rich foods to your diet may also do the trick. The best sources are egg yolks, soy, avocado and peanuts.

Final word: Have patience. It may take six months to see a difference.
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