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Strength Training Without Weights

Posted Jul 29 2008 6:02pm 1 Comment

Is it possible to do strengthing train without weights?  Absolutely.  However there is no equal alternative to actually training with weights.  Can you build strength while training without weights, absolutely! 

 You probably have your own reasons for strength training without weights, such as an injury, or you are just beginning a program, or that you are aging and you are not comfortable in using weights anymore.  But there are some keys to strength training without weights and build actual strength.

1)Progressive muscular resistance, in other words, intensity! Increase in intensity progressively using your own body’s weight and resistance.  The best way is body awareness and repetitions.

2)Minimal rest periods.  Do not use lag time, keep moving through your muscle groups!

3)Use supersets.  These are exercises that increase your intensity, for example do push-ups and then immediately do pull ups.  It is a form of muscle confusion, shocking the muscles into reaction. 

4)Absolutely stretch.  Keep your ROM active and increasing to get stronger in your program.  Remember, tightness limits strength.

5)Eat a diet rich in protein, veggies, fruits, and some complex grains. Keep your body rebulding, repairing and nutritiously feeding the cells.

Most of these keys up above are very familiar to you!   As strength training without weights makes sense to you, give it a try, it really is the old exercise format, called calisthenics.  It does work and it does bring more variety to your program to give you the results you are working towards.   I believe we all need this from time to time, it doesn’t matter if you are beginning or advanced, you are always in a position that needs muscle confusion!!

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I get very toned doing yoga - and the only weight is my own body weight.
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