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Strength Barometer?

Posted Sep 16 2009 10:22pm
I recently got a complimentary membership to a brand new gym here in town. It's an extremely large facility, built from the ground up by Life Style Family Fitness. I think it's 32,000 sqft.
It's a very popular gym, attracting many people of varied ages and fitness levels.

It has been a few years since I worked out last, in one of these testosterone filled, mirror lined, machine laden workout centers. ;-)

I wanted to share some observations and thoughts;

1. Not much has changed over the last 3 years. Eventhough there is a plethora of information on strength training available, it seems most people are still going through the same motions and doing the same things they did 3 years ago. Case in point, I recognized 2 guys that worked out in the gym where I did 3 years ago, and their bodies looked pretty much the same as when I saw them last, albeit a tad heavier in the midsection.

2. Why do people bring a GALLON of water (or lemonade/special drink) to them gym? They proudly carry the gallon container from station to station.

3. Why do I see NO-ONE doing pull-ups or push-ups?

4. Why do most of the guys walk around with an angry scowl?

What's your gym like?

I was in and out of the gym in about 25-30 minutes.
Here was my routine for those interested.

4 minutes jump rope warm up.
5 sets of 5 L-pull-ups and, one leg stability ball push ups on a bosu ball (one foot/toe on the stability ball, 5 each side) and 10 lunges with 35 pound dumbbells

5 sets of seated shoulder presses (55 #'s), 10 bulgarian split squats, 15 box jumps.

About 3-4 minutes of planks (straight and both sides)

As I never stopped moving I got some funny looks, I did catch 2 guys watching me do the L-pull ups. I don't know if they were intrigued or were making fun of me ;-)
The same 2 guys performed numerous sets of chest joke.....I think they completed 3 different exercises in the time I was in and out. They were there before I got there, and my guess is, long after I was gone.

So that got me thinking about a post a I read a while back from Steve Maxwell.
Take a look and see how you stack up. I think that 99% of the "muscle-men" I saw in the gym yesterday morning could not do any of these exercises. Do you think Steve's exercises are a good "Strength Barometer"
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