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Strawberry Planting: Fall and Spring Seasons

Posted Sep 29 2011 1:00pm
Strawberries can be planted in fall or late winter for spring harvest in mild winter regions. Plant strawberries in early spring for summer and fall harvest where winters are cold.


Types of strawberries. There are three types of strawberries: summer-fruiting strawberries also called Junebearing which ripen a single crop in late spring or early summer, everbearing strawberries which bear two crops each season, one in spring and a second in fall, and day-neutral strawberries which grow and bear year-round as long as it is not too cold or too hot.


Summer-bearing and everbearing strawberries are known as short-day strawberries. They produce fruit when the days are short in spring, late fall, and winter. Day-neutral strawberries fruit regardless of day length.


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