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Posted Oct 23 2013 2:00pm


There are times when you simply want to throw in the towel. And there are times that you want to do a little dance. As confusing as that may sound, it’s certainly not uncommon. 

As women, we have been given many responsibilities. Yes, you read that correctly – given. Of course, it is your choice whether to accept or not but most often then not, you will go along and accept. With such acceptance comes responsibility and with responsibility many times come the feeling of overwhelm.

During those times of overwhelm is when you need a little motivation, a little push, a little inspiration to keep you moving along. This motivation exists and its truly all around you. All you have to do is look; open your eyes and mind to the possibilities. Those times that you simply want to give up, throw up your hands and walk away are the times you must stop and re-focus. 

Stop and look at all that surrounds you. Focus on the good things. For instance, there are the people around you, the clothes on your back, the shoes on your feet, the cup of coffee you are drinking, the crying children demanding your attention, the roof over your head, the car in your driveway, the computer or phone you use daily and the list goes on. Of course, those items may be the exact reason you are throwing your hands up in the air to begin with but if you look at those things differently your outlook will change. 

Don’t dismiss those words. It’s very important to truly stop, re-focus and move forward. Being placed in that situation many times, I completely understand the mixed emotions you may be feeling or have felt. It is truly difficult to stay upbeat when everything around you seems to be falling apart. However, understanding the many gifts that surround you will help if only for the moment. Changing your focus is essential and will determine the outcome in the end. 

Next time you wonder and ask yourself  ’why me’? Stop, think and truly wonder – ‘why me’? Why have you been chosen, why are you experiencing such feelings, why are you in the situation that you find yourself in. There is always a reason behind the choices you make and perhaps the choices you make are the reason you are in the situation. Whatever the reason, it’s important to STOP, RE-FOCUS and MOVE FORWARD. You are not alone. There are people that have been through what you may be going through that are willing to help you, motivate you and inspire you to move ahead. Moving forward may sound difficult but one way is to ask. Ask for help, ask for suggestions, ask for solutions, just simply ASK. We as human beings were not created to do things alone, there is always someone or something available to assist, help, or simply provide guidance. 

The ultimate choice is yours.

Will you simply throw in the towel?

Will you throw your hands up and give up?

Or will you use this situation to help you grow and move forward?

What’s it going to be?

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