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Stop Bone Loss

Posted Jan 25 2011 6:12pm
How to stop bone loss, the real explanation is a little technical, so I am just going to quote Dr. Al Sears
"Your bones have cells called osteoclasts. Their job is to remove old bone tissue. This allows the bone to grow strong because other cells called osteoblasts then rebuild the bone.

With osteoporosis and other bone diseases, there is an imbalance … either your osteoblasts aren’t making new cells fast enough, or osteoclasts are removing too much tissue.

So drug companies came up with a way to stop osteoclasts from removing the old tissue, which also artificially increases your bone density: bisphosphonate drugs.

There are two problems with this.

1. By keeping your old bone tissue, you increase bone mass but make bones act older.

2. The drugs do the job by poisoning your osteoclast cells.

What happens is that you take the medicine, the osteoclasts absorb it, and it poisons the osteoclast cells by cutting off their blood supply. The cells then either work very slowly or die.

Because they don’t take away the old tissue, your bones become denser. But they’re dense with old tissue. And the osteoblasts can’t make new tissue if the old tissue is still there.

After a while, the old-bone tissue becomes brittle and fragile, like glass, because it’s not as strong as the newer bone that would have formed without the drugs.

You end up with technically “dense” but weak bones that can fracture.

The other thing that can happen that most people don’t know about is osteonecrosis. This is what happens when your bones are too dense with old tissue. There’s not enough space in the inner bone for your bone marrow, which keeps your bones alive. Your bones then start to die. This often happens in the jaw."

The fact that bisphosphonate drugs ('bone loss' drugs)are related to cancers and thigh fractures troubles me. You mean doctors who prescribe these drugs don't know how bones really work? That's bad. And if they DO know, that's worse - that's terrible. A natural supplement of super green foods can help stop bone loss.

Vitamin D3, calcium and cruciferous vegetables head up the nutritional team that builds your bones. Add in  this exercise tip, starting at your own level of capability, and your bone density will be triggered to increase.
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