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Stomach Troubles, Be Gone!

Posted by Nirmala N.

Gastrointestinal issues might sound like an embarrassing problem you'd rather not talk about, but millions of Americans take medication for the relief of indigestion, gas, acid reflux, and heartburn. Some of us think it might be the unavoidable result of genes, stress, and foods--but usually, it's primarily the latter. Mixing up different foods can create tons of digestive problems, but if you know what combinations work, you can practically eliminate stomach troubles. For instance, if you avoid mixing animal proteins with grains or starches, you're on the right track--that is, forget the meat and potatoes adage and try meat and veggies instead, or perhaps starch and veggies. Also, fruit digests quickly, but if you eat it with or directly after other foods, it's mixed up with those foods and thereby slows digestion, so it's best to eat a half-hour before a meal or as a stand-alone snack. This also helps deter overeating. Additionally, drinking during a meal can wash away valuable digestive enzymes. It's actually much better to drink your water a half-hour before a meal.
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