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stomach pain after eating

Posted Jul 17 2012 6:09am

here are the main causes of stomach pain after eating that may require medical attention.

ulcers – if you have an ulcer, any food you eat may irritate it, causing stomach pains after you’ve eaten. you can get ulcers in the lining of stomach itself, or you can get them in the upper part of the intestine known as the duodenum.

stomach cancer – unfortunately, stomach pain after eating may indicate that there’s a tumor in your stomach. incidence of stomach cancer has been dropping for decades in the united states, but it’s still a possibility.

gastroenteritis or “stomach flu” – vomiting and stomach discomfort are common when you have a stomach virus. vomiting is a natural way of getting rid of the bacteria in your stomach. of course it is not uncommon to experience some abdominal discomfort and nausea at the same time, especially after eating.

often people use the words stomach pain when they’re not actually talking about the stomach at all. the pain is occurring in the abdominal area, and the cause may not be related to the stomach.

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