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Steamed Mustard Greens ... a Matter Of Perception

Posted Apr 17 2009 11:49pm

I recently bought some fresh mustard greens at Lois' Natural in Scarborough, Maine. I hungrily picked out a nice bunch. Lois shared that she enjoys them fresh-tossed in olive oil and salt. I prefer mine streamed as shown above. Before I started eating this whole foods way (10 years ago), I never in a hundred years pictured myself having a blog about food and writing about how much I like mustard greens!

What changed my perception about them?

I was sitting in a macrobiotic cooking class and as the teacher spoke about them, I shriveled my nose and whispered to a class friend, "but they are so bitter, what can we put on them to mask the taste?" She replied, " Oh, but you want to be able to taste the bitter. Some people sprinkle on a little rice vinegar or ume vinegar. I don't put anything on them, because the liver likes bitter foods." She then told me that her husband was healing from a liver disease, and that mustard greens were up there on the list of important foods for him. 

At that moment, my perception changed. My body relaxed and I felt more open and in awe. I fell in love with this bitter green that day, and decided to enjoy the bitter taste. I always eat them plain (and steamed), and I look forward to buying them when they come in fresh!

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