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Staying Power

Posted Feb 23 2009 10:12pm

Poll Results:

  • 86% (107 votes): I love it!
  • 0% (0 votes): I hate it!
  • 14% (17 votes): I like the old design better.
  • 1% (1 vote): Other (whoever it was wrote that he or she liked both, which was very sweet!!)

I’m so happy that the majority of you like the new blog design! When I read the announcement that WordPress had come out with a new one, I was really excited because it allows you to customize the background color. I asked my good friend Zesty to help me make some minor changes to my header, and voila! If you haven’t heard, he designs some amazingblogheaders ( these are just a few)! Check out today’s feature on his site: Apple Bacon Chutney!

For those of you who liked the old design better - I hear you, too! I know Kristie Lynn mentioned that this new design takes a lot longer to load…I will try to see if there is something I can do to fix that. I was definitely debating whether or not I liked this new one better because I really did like the old one! Ultimately, I decided that this design should win the prize for a few key reasons:

  • The text area is wider, which means bigger pictures of food!
  • These bullets are really cool stars :) Hey, it’s the little things!
  • The comments are more accessible and I can respond to specific comments much easier
  • Custom colors! I can’t wait to change up the background every once in a while ;)
  • The search engine is MUCH better than it was before - easier to search the archives!
  • An overall cleaner design - I hope to share this site with potential employers!

Add to that all of the kind comments and support I received today, and the decision was easy. Now that you know my reasoning, I hope you’ll learn to love it, too. If not, I hope you’ll still enjoy the Coffee Cocoa picture I put in the sidebar :) I was glad that many of you noticed it! Now there’s a link to the recipe so you will always know what I’m talking about! I also moved all of my gifts from lovely fellow bloggers into an Awards tab at the top of my page.

There is so much to say and such little time to say it. I’ll try to keep the text to a minimum from now on so the focus is on the incredibly gigantic food pictures (still can’t get over it). Breakfast this morning had a birdie theme - I’m sure you’ll like it, Melissa!


I incorporated my new bird mug from Secret Cupid Rose into my morning meal via Coffee Cocoa.


Then I made myself a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. The oats contained  the usual almond milk, banana, pumpkin, ground flax and love.


Work today was pretty awesome! I was actually able to write some copy that might go into a future introduction of a cookbook! I’ll let you know if it ever works out ;) While I was there, I snacked on a Pure Protein bar to hold me over until I got home for lunch.


The bar held me over better than I expected, and when I got home I wasn’t too hungry. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat a new product that I received a few days ago:


Thanks to Erin’s advice, I am now the proud owner of four jars of PB2:mrgreen: I think this stuff is amazing. I’ve been mixing it into yogurt ever since I got it and am super impressed with how authentic it tastes. As a “second lunch,” I mixed the “Just Peanut Butter” with 1 cup of Fage and a sliced banana.


Stir it long enough, and you have a melty combination of Greek yogurt + peanut butter.


After lunch, I settled down to work on my two papers that are due tomorrow. The party never stops! Actually, it does stop in just 2 1/2 more weeks. I can’t wait for spring break! Until then, it’s time to buckle down. I finished the rough drafts of both papers by dinnertime. I had to go with something quick and easy before work at the television station, so I heated up a sweet potato and topped it with cottage cheese + ketchup.


I also had a fiber-ific spinach salad topped with deli turkey and Annie’s barbecue sauce.


After work at the station, I came back feeling a little hungry, so I made myself a snack that I thought would hold me over: apple + Laughing Cow. Thanks for the idea, Lee and Kristie! This tasted great. I am now an official apple + cheese convert.


Random Bag Tag

I was tagged by the lovely K a few days ago to share my bag with ya’ll. I’m assuming that this tag has made it’s way around the blogosphere already, but if you haven’t been tagged, I encourage you to share! Currently, I am using a bag I got for Christmas two years ago using an eBags gift certificate (love that site, it has so many options)! It’s from Kathy Van Zeeland.


It looks kind of crazy, but I love it. I usually end up getting purses with funky designs instead of all one color. It’s just my style, I guess! They also have to be medium-sized, so they hold a lot but also don’t get too heavy. My favorite purse accessory: GUM.

Question: What’s your favorite purse style and why? Big, medium, small (”that’s what she said”)?

Purse power,


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