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Staying Away From Distractions For Your Own Good

Posted Oct 08 2012 6:30am
Dr Mommy Online

Do you find yourself listening in on conversations? Perhaps you are online and find yourself in a circle of people that simply speak badly about others. Whatever the situation or story it is truly best to avoid them completely. 

It may not be an easy thing to do but for as long as I can remember; I have chosen to stay away from the gossip. You know those juicy stories that end up hurting you and everyone involved. It happens so naturally and looking back on my childhood it’s all anyone ever seemed to focus on. Fast forward to today and wouldn’t you know the nasty little bug called gossip still exists.

Make the decision to stay away from the gossip.

Gossiping is plain and simple detrimental to relationships. Gossip is a toxic substance that hurts everyone involved. It’s truly like a poison that will leave terrible side effects.

This ugly little disease runs rampant in everyone’s lives. What starts out as an innocent conversation will then turn into something that can be very damaging. Don’t fall into this trap!

When someone walks up to you and brings up someone, quickly praise the person and say something positive about him or her to show the gossiper that you have no interest in negativity. It’s not easy but with constant dedication and awareness it works. 

Here’s a mantra I repeat often: I have the power to change the subject when the person I am speaking with starts to gossip. 

Those who tend to gossip have a lack of self-worth and quite often are envious. By asking the gossiper questions about their own lives, you will communicate a sincere interest in them and divert the attention. As you ask questions of the gossiper, stay in control of the conversation by focusing on them.

This simple tip of asking questions will help to keep you focused on your task at hand. As much as you try to avoid this ugly little disease called gossip it will eventually find you. It’s up to you to be strong and either avoid it all together or change the subject as mentioned above.

When you begin to avoid the gossip you will find your life is actually quite interesting. No longer will you stray and focus on others, instead you will focus on you and those close to you. Your relationships will flourish, your business will grow and your health will also be affected in a good way. Yes, your health can truly be affected by the nasty little disease.

Repeat this affirmation:

Today, I choose to speak positively about all people the same way I would want them to speak about me. I try my best to steer people away from gossipy conversations and walk away from those who insist on gossiping.


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