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Status Update

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:31pm

After another 2 weeks off plan, I had regained a whopping 15 pounds! 3 days into low- carb resulted in a loss of 10 pounds. Now, I know that this weight loss is too rapid to include much fat. I can only assume that the primary difference is either water or how much food was in my digestive track. So, while I can't say that I have just lost 10 pounds of fat, I also can not say that I had gained 15 pounds of fat while off plan!

Today, the beginning of day 5, I weighed 260 pounds. This is still about 9 pounds more than I weighed 3 months ago. But, over the last three months, I only completed one full 11 day carb -down. So, it's not surprising. Regardless, I still weigh 76 pounds less than I weighed when I started on a low- carb plan. And, I am finally back on track.

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