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Start your fitness journey one small change at a time

Posted Mar 28 2008 12:20pm 1 Comment

The journey to fitness is truly an easy task—in theory. We write a plan of action. What we eat, what we should not eat, our exercise routine, how we avoid temptation, record our progress and constantly learn about nutrition and fitness. Unfortunately, applying the theory to real life is not as easy. The high energy fitness gurus would like you to think it is, but it’s not. And if the words “nothing in life is easy” sound familiar to you is because it’s true.

Changing bad habits into good ones, one small step at a time, is the best way to keep from falling off the well-paved path. You still have to work hard and be mindful and accountable for the daily choices you make, but there’s no need to overwhelm yourself only to give it up a week later. It simply won’t work and then the yo-yo dieting begins. Ugh, there’s that word again.

For the next 14 days—Focus on Nutritional changes. Change one thing in your diet—you don’t have to do them all, just pick one to get your started, here are some ideas:

o drink 1 cup of coffee less than before

o eat one fruit in place of chips or another snack

o replace a soft drink with water

o change your milk from whole to 2%, or 2% to 1%

o use less sugar in your tea or coffee

o change one condiment to a lower fat version – salad dressing=olive oil and lemon, mayonnaise=sour cream and mayo, butter=olive oil, etc…

The idea is to make one or two small changes and stick with them until you can do them without much thought. These are small enough to make a big impact but also easy to manage. Each time you become comfortable with your current change then you can add another.

I have made many permanent changes over time. In the next 14 days I will be adding more fruit or vegetable to my daily snacks. So instead of cheese and crackers, I may have cheese with apples, a Granny Smith apple to satisfy my crunchy, tart cravings and fruit smoothies when I need something sweet.

What changes are you willing to make to begin paving the path for your fitness journey? Share them in the comments, maybe someone else will benefit from your ideas.

Stay well,

Spin Diva

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You are so right! We are bombarded in the media with all the things we SHOULD be doing and if we miss one thing, we feel like failures. Really though, you can often see physical changes with one small adjustment. I really have to keep on myself to drink lots of water EVERY day. I do it some days and parch myself the others. My skin and hair shows it.
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