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Stand Up For Your Beliefs

Posted Apr 16 2012 5:00am

There will come a time in your life that you will be questioned and possibly challenged because of your belief system. Whether it is your faith, the way you raise your family or how you run your business – the challenge will always arise. What will you do when you are faced with that challenge? Will you conform to the one challenging you or will you stand up for your beliefs?

Wow! That is a difficult and perhaps a very ‘deep’ question. It is also one that you shouldn’t rush to answer. If you are truly sound and grounded on your beliefs you may not have any difficulties at all. But for those who are teetering, it is wise to step back and assess your situation. It’s important to note that you will not please every one. In fact, you will NOT please every one so, why try? 

You will make decisions in your life that will solely be based on YOU and some that are based on perhaps a family that depends on you. Again you must assess the situation and react accordingly. However, one thing that I must caution you with is that whatever it is that you believe in – be true to who YOU are.

Don’t make hasty decisions because of the pressure of your family, your colleagues, your friends, or your community. Truly step back and consider why you do what you do. Is it because someone told you to? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Is it because you must? Is it because you don’t know any different? or Is it because you truly love what you do? Is it because you are challenged by your actions? Is it because you are ‘good’ at it and YOU know it?

Again, lots of questions that only YOU can answer. There are people that can help guide you and perhaps give you solutions but once I again the decision and choice is yours. Once you make that choice you must stand up for your belief in said choice. Understand that you will make decisions that will not have positive outcomes.

Notice how I wrote ‘will’ and not ‘may’? Yes, it’s inevitable that you will make decisions that will not be ‘great’ ones but that is part of life! It is evident from watching children grow up. They will make choices no matter what the parent or guardian advises. It doesn’t matter how often you tell them the ‘fire is hot’- their curiosity will take over and they will go near the fire and many times will get burnt. Once that happens you know they will not do it again! 

Your curiosity does not change as you age. Which is why some of the decisions or choices you make will not be the ‘best’ no matter how many times you may have been told differently. The important part is that you ‘learn’ from your decisions just at the child who goes near the fire. Be firm in your beliefs! Understand that you will not please everyone and as soon as you accept that fact you will continue to grow. 

I leave you with this ‘Get Real‘ tip that I shared with many of my online friends: Don’t be afraid to share your beliefs and passions…let’s face it … you won’t appeal to everyone so don’t try…Be YOU!! Don’t change for the masses…stay true to YOU, Your passions and Your beliefs…Be FEARLESS!

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