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Sproutmans Kitchen Garden Cookbook

Posted Jul 27 2010 10:48pm

Sproutmans Kitchen Garden Cookbook

Turn nuts, vegetable seeds, grains and beans into gourmet food! Sprouted breads, cookies, crackers, living soups, dressings, dips, spreads, sautes, alternative non-dairy milks, ice-creams, even sprouted pizza and bagels! Chapters on making sprout bread, food dehydrating, juicing, natural sodas, alternatives to dairy and salt, smart vegetarianism. Glossary of healthy foods. Includes Questions and Answers and seed resources. Over 150 illustrations, photos & Charts.

5 Stars Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook: 250 flourless, Dairyless, Low Temperature, Low Fat, Low Salt, Living Food Vegetarian Recipe
I love this book! It is both informative and user friendly. The recipes are easy, tastey, and appealing.

3 Stars Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook
This book contains 250 flourless, dairyless, low temperature, low fat, low salt, living food vegetarian recipes. I am a person who has a love affair with cheese and baked goods so I was interested to see what options would be out there should my two favorite food groups suddenly disappear. I know alot of people have food allergies to dairy and gluten or might have health reasons why they must reduce fat and salt intake so this book would be an excellent choice for such a lifestyle.

Truthfully, I never considered sprouts to be anything but a salad or sandwich topping. Tasty, crunchy, but what else do you do with them? According to this book you can use them to make ‘breads and cookies’ that are baked at low temperatures for extended amounts of time to dry them out/cook them. There is a very large chapter on how to do this but I must be honest and say that it just doesn’t sound very tasty. Of course, if I could not eat traditional breads and cookies I would certainly give it a shot!

Nuts and seeds play a huge role in this diet and there are recipes for nut milks, nut yogurts (really?), seed based cheeses and even salad dressings. These recipes all looked rather easy to make and being dairy free would be beneficial to alot of people!

There is an interested couple of pages on making your own natural sodas with sparkling water, fruit juices, and natural flavors. I can honestly say, I do not think I have ever seen this type of information included in a cookbook before.

Overall, this cookbook would be great for someone dedicated to removing dairy, wheat, and meat from their diets. Alot of good suggestions and recipes to begin a vegan and gluten free lifestyle. Personally, while I might use some of these recipes in my own traditional diet, I don’t think I am ready to take leap into giving up real cheese, bagels, or meat. I might, however, use this book to make natural sodas or give homemade almond milk a try.

4 Stars Sprouts good, but grains not necessarily the way to go
Sprouts are great, but I don’t think grains are necessarily healthy, even if sprouted. Sprout those seeds and greens, but leave the hard core grains like wheat alone.

5 Stars What A Cute Book!
This book is a pleasure to read. It’s full of healthful information in an honest and humorous style. I really love the little sprout cartoon characters as well as all of the other drawings! This book is a fun read for anyone who is into sprouting or healthy eating.

5 Stars The best sprouting book ever !
Lots of fun recipes to try , lots and lots of new things.Food products that I never knew that could be made from sprouts, and all at home. Sprout bread, sprout cookies, soft drinks, sprout cheeses. Wheat and barley grasses into juices? Truly fun, exciting ,and informative well worth buying, reading and experimenting with. There are ways in here that can help just about anyone anywhere grow a mountain full of food in such a small space it is amazing. Fresh, healthy,inexpensive,food that can be grown anywhere.

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