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Sprouted Groat Cereal- The Original Breakfast Cereal

Posted May 23 2013 9:13am

We are used to seeing oats after they'be been through the ringer (or in this case - the roller!).  Rolled oats and quick oats are just the entire oat groat, smashed in heavy rollers, steamed, and slighlty toasted, all for the purpose of letting us cook them faster.  But before the heavy rollers, mass production, and boxed cereals, oat groats, and whole wheat kernels were the breakfast our ancestors ate!  Once we started adding artificial colors, preservatives, and of course, sugar- kids ate whole grains at the breakfast table!  

Oat groats look very similar to whole wheat kernels. In fact, I'd hardly be able to tell them apart, except that I labeled the bag from the bulk bins I bought them in.

Now, similar to what I like to do with wheat kernels, I decided to soak these oat groats for breakfast!  According to Dr. Joel Fuhrma n:

Soaking whole grains for a day before cooking them greatly increases their nutritional value.  Certain phytonutrients and vitamins are activated as the grain starts to germinate.  These include powerful chemopreventative phenols that inhibit the growth of abnormal cells.  A twenty four hour soak induces the early stage of germination  but you will not see the sprouts.  
So, not only will soaking these little kernels for a day create a healthier grain, but then I can eat them for a chewy, delicious, no-cook breakfast!

To partially sprout your oats, scoop 1 cup of groats into a dish, and cover with water, an inch or more above your grain.

Set on the counter, covered with a loose towel.  After 12 hours or more, rinse the grain, and return to a soak for another 12 hours.  After about 24 hours, we like the texture, but you can soak longer if you like your grains softer.  You can see the kernels have begun to burst open.

Partially sprouted oat groats make a great base for cereal with fruit on top!!  We added yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries to ours.  

I love this cereal!! What would you top it with?

Need more healthy breakfast ideas?  Check out our meal planning service! 

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