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Sprain and Arugula love

Posted Jul 12 2010 8:26pm

Clearly I could not come up with a better title..oh well!

How are y’all. Wow its been ages since we met! Well, blame comcast! I hate them but can’t think of AT&T. Their service is even worse. But any ways, I am back now and back with this…


I tripped while getting off the stairs and fell with my wrist bent beating to the ground. Ouch it hurts.
I think its a sprain cuz there is no swelling but pain on movement, may see the doctor if it does not improve.

Arugula love

I am an obsessive person by nature. If I like something I literally abuse it to the point that I am sick of it. My latest obsession is Arugula. I am in  love with this peppery green. It is so yummy and adds a kick to the sandwich that no other green can.

I am using it in Sandwich,

or as a garnish for my prawns pulao

And as a salad base for my Shrimpy Quinoa


or a more whole some salad lunch.


Shrimpy Quinoa
Meaty Artichokes

Yum Yum. I decided to give Arugula a break mainly cuz I don’t want to be sick of it.Clearly shrimps come a close second in my obsessed food list.

And then I made the blog-popular Chocolate Cherry Bomb, I know I am a retard always late in trying stuff. It is a Vegan high protein shake that I found on Kristen’s Raw . Now you know me I can never follow a recipe to the T, hence a bunch of modifications were made.


1/4 cup frozen, pitted cherries
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1/2 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk
1 cup water


Blend. I did not thaw the bananas and cherries, hence they still had the icy texture too it. It was a semi-slushie. It is a great snack when I return from lab as I am all ravenous.


Q. What is your favorite salad base? Lettuce, spinach or something else?

Q. Have you ever fractured any bone? I fractured my foot in high school. I found no better time to be on crutches than high school.

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