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Spotted* Nestle Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer - “Large coffee, trans fat, two sugars please”

Posted Oct 18 2008 7:55am 1 Comment
Cafe con trans fat

Cafe con trans fat

So how many cups of coffee do you drink per day? 1… 5…25? For about 90% of America, a cup of coffee is a must have atleast once a day. It has become a staple of American culture and a necessity in the go-go world of 24 hour business. Walk the streets of New York’s financial district at 6 am and you would be hard pressed to find someone not juggling between their cell phone, briefcase, and their beloved morning beverage. But for most, one jolt of caffeine in the morning simply is not enough. They return to the office coffee pot time and time again throughout the day. The worst feeling for these folks is when they open the office fridge and find….OH NO….OUT OF MILK! But not worry, if the real stuff isn’t around, we can throw some trans fat at the problem

Artificial coffee creamers are big business, and can be found in most office cupboards, especially if there is no fridge to keep the dairy from spoiling. Right from the start, anything that is meant to “replace” a dairy product that can last un-refrigerated for several weeks, if not months ( I’m thinking Parmalat here too ) should be the first clue that something is not quite right with that product. The Nestle Coffee-Mate creamer is one such product. Lets take a look at some of its ingredients shall we:

Corn Syrup Solids - aka sugar, ok so far not so terrible,

Partially Hydrogenated Coconut or Palm Kernel - the second item on the list is our old friend trans fat, and remember… the higher on the ingredients list the more of that ingredient the product contains.

Sodium Caseinate - also known as casein and can be linked to cancer promotion and migranes as well as the aggravation of symptoms associated with autism

Mono and Diglycerides - some more fats in another form

Sodium aluminosilicate - also used in house paint and some detergents

House paint and trans fat? So think about how many teaspoonfuls of this powder you add to your cup of coffee, multiply that to the number of cups of coffee you drink in a day, then per week, then per year. I think you see where this is going. Next time we’re out of milk… I’ll take my coffee black.

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I'm really pissed off because I use this product every single day.  Thanx for the info.  But at the end of the day it IS my responsibility to research everything that I put into my own body.
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