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Spotted* Bisquick Shake-N-Pour Pancake Mix - Fatty Flapjacks

Posted Oct 15 2008 5:59pm
Ready made trans fat - Just add water!

Ready made trans fat - Just add water!

Our breakfast meals have been under siege from health and nutrition experts for years. We cook up some eggs that are loaded with cholesterol, fry up a few slices of fatty bacon ( a la the Atkins diet ), and serve up sausage links made from who knows what kind of meat. Head down to the South, and you’ll get those three elements plus some biscuits and gravy, with a side order of grits smothered in butter and salt. By the end of breakfast you’ve already consumed an inordinate amount of calories and more than enough cholesterol for the entire week. Those of us that opt for the less filling breakfast consisting of a bowl of cereal with milk have to be on guard for brands of cereal loaded with sugars and void of essential vitamins and nutrients. Who would of though having a nutritious breakfast, the cornerstone of a healthy diet, could be so hard?

Well the folks at General Mills are making things even harder with their attempt to make pancakes easier.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Bisquick came up with an ingenious concept. For the people in America who are too lazy to mix water in a bowl with the other pancake mix that comes in a box, lets remove the bowl and let them add water right into a plastic container that they need only shake and pour right onto the skillet. Eureka, we’ve reinvented the wheel! They forgot to metion that those golden brown flapjacks also contain trans fat, .5 grams per every three silver dollars to be exact. Great, now our breakfast is partially hydrogenated. Thats just how I like to kick off my day; a glass of orange juice and some trans fatty acids. And what do most people plop onto the top of their short stack? A nice scoup of butter, or in some cases margerine ( yeah they still make that stuff). So now we have a double serving of trans fat in the morning. Joy!

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