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Spotlight Friday: Chris Butler

Posted Apr 19 2013 12:39pm

We are excited to introduce to you today for Spotlight Friday the very inspiring Christopher Butler who transformed his body, health and life through a healthy diet, exercise and changing the way he thinks. Certainly a winning combination!

Chris Butler is a weight loss expert, fitness and running advocate, and firm believer that ANYTHING is possible. Empowered with a positive mindset, Chris continues to raise the bar in his local community and beyond for those traveling their own journey toward becoming their best self.


Over to Chris…

1. What drove you to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

5 years ago, I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office, being told (by an overweight physician nonetheless) that I was faced with two options: One was to take cholesterol and blood pressure meds for the rest of my life, the other was to lose weight and adopt healthier habits. I was tipping the scales at 321 lbs.

Breakfast: Gas station – Snack Cakes, Cappuccino, egg cheese and sausage sandwich x2

Lunch – Medium Pizza OR 4 Jr. Whoppers w/ onion rings and a large drink OR 5 KFC snacker sandwiches w/ 1/2 gallon of soda

Dinner – Large pizza (Yes, I ate the whole thing) or something similar (Chinese, 2 large plates of spaghetti, etc.)

Overall, I was probably consuming four to five thousand calories a day, every day with no workout. I was an eating machine – literally, one of my nicknames was ‘Machine’.

Chris before…


2. What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was finding out who I truly was. I was in a bad place, lying to myself and others to fulfill what I thought was “happiness”. The weight, eating, and lies were covering up who I truly was, not just in a physical sense, but a spiritual sense as well. I knew that in order to start a journey toward becoming my best self, I would have to shed the old belief systems and relationships that held me in place.

With every new conscious step I took to embracing my true self, it became easier to recognize the faulty components in my mind and replace them with more positive, healthy habits that reflected who I REALLY was. Every stage so far has helped me develop into an entirely new person. And much like everyone else in this magnificent journey, I’m nowhere near finished

3. What does your daily diet look like?

100% plant based vegan diet – Lots of Raw, Organic whole foods
Beans, rice, fruits, veggies, tubers, etc.
1-2 smoothies per day
Fresh squeezed juice at least 3x weekly
Nothing in excess of 500 calories at a time
No food within 2 hours of going to bed

4. What are the top three healthy habits that have made the biggest difference for you?

Staying equipped with the Power of Positivity at all times
Adopting a vegan diet

5. How do you stay motivated and inspired?

Along with creating my own positive ripple effect, I like to find the light in others and bring that out to a full shine. It inspires me to see others’ determination toward a goal. We’re all stronger than we believe and need to tell each other that regularly.

6. What is something most people don’t know about you or wouldn’t expect?

I was raised in a bar. I knew no better, and in my late teen years began a downward spiral that could have been tragic. I was becoming a reckless soul, and if it weren’t for meeting my wife Kristen, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I’d have been in jail or dead for sure. I’m also a musician at heart. I’ve been singing for over 20 years!

7. If you could have just one more meal, what would it be?

Grandma’s secret spaghetti recipe, hands down (w/o the meat, of course!)

8. What first step do you recommend our readers take to start experiencing greater health and energy?

Believe that anything is possible. Believe whole heartedly that you have the same potential inside of you as the greatest people in the history of recorded time.

9. Please share a recipe or resource that you love with us.

The “Infinite Energy” Smoothie


1 whole young white coconut (both meat and juice)
3 stalks of celery
2 bananas
5-7 ice cubes


Blend until smooth, then serve.

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