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Sports gone bad

Posted Jun 15 2007 12:00am

So, I have always considered myself a somewhat athletic person. In 4th grade, I started playing basketball. Then, since I liked it so much, I stuck with it all the way through 8th grade. I was one mean chica on the court. A girl once pulled my hair to I slapped her in the face…..details though….

Then, in 5th grade, I tried out for cheer leading. I made it. BUT, the day I got my uniform I broke 3 toes and sprained my chest (yes it’s possible). I was still part of the team, but I couldn’t cheer.

The year after that, would make me in 6th grade. I was still in basketball and decided to take up volleyball. I was pretty good at this sport and decided to keep it up through 8th grade. As for the cheer leading, I took a year off and got back into it in 7th and 8th grade. I always enjoyed cheer leading but, it wasn’t the most popular thing to do. But, for me it was always a good time. I loved the stunts and the pyramids. But, then there was high school.

I decided to go a whole different direction in high school. I joined the tennis team. Yes, me playing tennis. I caught on right of way and didn’t mind playing doubles, but I preferred singles. This way, I couldn’t take my anger out on anyone but myself. I deiced to stick with this until junior year. My junior year however, wasn’t my favorite year. I didn’t get a long with my coach and decided that I wouldn’t be in tennis the year after. So, you’re probably thinking, “What did you do senior year?” And if you’re not, I will tell you. I joined cheer leading after not being in it for 3 years now.

When I tried out, I got put on varsity right of way for basketball and football and I was also asked to be on the competition squad. This was my favorite. I was a base, so I have a pretty good amount of upper body strength and my legs are rocks….but not bulky, toned.

So, you might be wondering where I am going with this story. Well, remember how I was in tennis for 3 years and how I was good? Well, tonight I am playing softball. Me, playing softball! I tried to hit a ball my freshman year of college, when I was actually on a softball league. Let’s just say that I hit like a tennis player. Not like a softball player. A tennis player, and I’m pretty sure they are not at all the same. So, please, pray for me and hope to god that I can hit one ball tonight and not put my friends team to shame. Because remember, I’m a basketball player, a peppy cheerleader, a jockey volleyball player and a preppy tennis player. But, I am not a softball player!

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