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Spinach 'N Apple Soup

Posted Dec 12 2008 2:53pm
I never really was a soup person. To tell the truth, I used to be rather hesitant where homemade soups were concerned because if the ingredients are not in the right proportions, soups can turn out rather bland. But of late, I find myself making soups more and more often. Not only do they fill the tummy, they can be low calorie, low glycemic and very nutritious depending on the ingredients used.

I make soups for dinner now along with some toasted bread and a side of stirred vegetables or mushrooms, usually to relieve the humdrum of dosas and other light foods that I tend to make. Rice was eliminated from night-time meals quite a while ago. In spite of this, higher fasting sugars from stress, inability to find time to exercise and late hours, which though controllable at some level, still tend to make appearances through the week, and force me to look into alternatives to the heavier wheat-based rotis and vegetable curries I used to make for dinner. Soups fit the bill comfortably.

I don't really follow ingredients from books or any other recipe source as I find my own recipes, usually done at the spur of the moment and with ingredients right at hand, go down pretty well. For this particular soup, I used spinach and one green apple that had been hiding in the corner of my refrigerator for a couple of weeks now.

This is how it went:

I plucked about twenty large spinach leaves and washed them thoroughly. I chopped up one green apple, one small onion, and the spinach leaves and cooked them in about a cup of water for about five minutes. I set this aside to cool.

I mentionedmy stovetop grill, in an earlier post -- placing my electric oven grill on my stove. I similarly roasted one large tomato and half a pod of garlic containing about six cloves, just placing these on the grill (without using the grilling sticks). I let these roast on top of the flame till the skins blackened. I then let them cool a bit and peeled off the skins. The smell of roasted garlic is especially enticing.

Once all these ingredients were cool enough, I blended them together into a puree. I poured this into a pot and added some water for the right consistency. Requisite salt, pepper powder and some oregano (only dried oregano is available here) were sprinkled into this. I allowed this to simmer for about ten minutes or so. Notice that I did not strain the puree. I never strain soups as I do not like to discard fiber content from food.

If a stronger and more distinct tangy taste from the apple is required to stand out, the soup can be simmered for less than five minutes. Beyond five minutes or so, the individual tastes blend well into one another. For me, oregano goes well with the apple but any other garnish may be used as desired.Cheese, for us, is off limits for now.

I refrigerate leftovers and the taste is even greater the next day.

As an aside,hereis the round-up to the Flaxseed-Meal-as-Egg-Replacement Event hosted by Madhuram ofEggless Cooking, an event I wanted to participate in but could not because of the Diwali festivity at home.
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