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Spinach Calzones and the Produce Promise

Posted Jan 31 2013 8:33am

For 6 years, since starting this blog, I've been on a mission to convince my children that  fruits and vegetables are not only going to help them feel great, but also that they taste great!  Last night I felt success!  We were at church, and all the 12 year old girls were being introduced to the group.   When it was Erica's turn, and the girl introducing her said "Erica's favorite food is..." I cringed.  I actually didn't know what she had told them, and I was sure she was going to say pizza or cookies. But she had answered- ORANGES!  Her favorite food is oranges! I was definitely proud of her!

Getting kids to love fruits and vegetables early enough in life to enjoy the benefits is a noble goal.  When fruits and veggies are a big part of your families life:

  • Their risk for disease will decrease
  • Their Weight will be easier to manage
  • The aging process will slow down,
  • They will sleep better
  • They'll have more energy
  • And best of all, they'll be happier

The promises of eating more fruits and vegetables are so fabulous that every good parent should desire for their kids to fall in love with produce.  Today's recipe is a great way to make spinach taste amazing!  We first shared this recipe a year ago in our Valentines meal plan, but we've enjoyed it so many more times since then, I wanted to share it on the blog.

Spinach Heart Calzones- Super Healthy Kids

Calzones are a great place to add veggies.   We've made these with broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, and carrots and onions before.  Each time, my kids gobbled them up!  Here is our final recipe:


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