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Spain Trip 2010: Madrid!

Posted Feb 24 2010 4:16am


After landing in Madrid around 10:30 Friday morning, we found my sister Tiffany and her husband, James, and rode the metro into town.


Stepping out into the city for the first time was so exciting! Friday was a beautiful day – a little chilly, but blue skies and sunshine.

We walked from the metro station into town to get some lunch (or breakfast, for us).










After being up all day Thursday, flying overnight without getting any sleep, and  having to ride the metro and start walking with our bags, we were all worn out.

IMG_7876 IMG_2074

We took a few breaks on the way, but we finally made it to our lunch destination.



Of course, we toasted our arrival with a Spanish beer called Mahou.


By this point, I was starving. The meal on the plane the night before wasn’t that great, and I didn’t eat the crappy pastry they gave us for “breakfast” before we landed, so I just wanted food!!!


I had some bread while waiting for the meal – Nick and I decided to get 2 dishes and share them, and both were delicious!


We ordered a serrano ham and goat cheese salad to start. This goat cheese was warmed before serving, and it was the creamiest and most tangy goat cheese I’ve ever had. We devoured the salad between the two of us.


The other dish we ordered was serrano ham croquetas.


Fried cheese + ham? They didn’t last long ;)

And we didn’t get any pastries, but they were tempting.


After finishing lunch, we headed over to our hostel to check in and drop off our bags so we could walk around the city some more.


The inside was so neat. It had a stained glass ceiling and tiling all throughout the courtyard area.




Sadly, even seeing such a cool place couldn’t keep us awake! Almost all of us took naps in the courtyard while we were waiting for our room keys.

But once we were able to sit in the room for a few minutes, rest our feet, and drop our bags, we were ready to go.

IMG_2102   IMG_2108

Staying in hostels was an experience, to say the least. All the ones we stayed in were nice, but it was strange having random people in your room.

We took a short nap and headed back out.

Tiff and James took us through part of this humongous park in the middle of the city.

IMG_2139   IMG_2131



One of the coolest things we came across in the park was this glass building.




It was already closed for the evening so we couldn’t go in, but it was so neat! Apparently, you can have receptions and parties in it.


It was just starting to get dark as we were leaving the park and we were basically walking-while-sleeping, so we grabbed some quick food for my mom and dad and took them back to the hostel to go to bed.

Even though I was super tired, I was a little hungry and not ready to go to sleep, so Tiff, James, Melissa, Nick and I headed back out for some food and fun.



For “dinner”, I finally had the churros + chocolate I’d been dreaming about since seeing a picture that Tiff put up on Facebook.




This chocolate drink was almost like a dark chocolate pudding – it wasn’t as thick as normal pudding, but it definitely wasn’t like regular hot chocolate. It was great to dip the churro in because the churro was sugary-sweet and the chocolate was really dark and rich.

Before heading back to the hostel that first night, we walked to a plaza where this guy was hanging sideways and playing a piano AND we went to the center of Spain.

It was quite the first day in Spain :) And I enjoyed every minute!

Next up – Madrid, day 2 and Toledo!


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