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Soy Sauce Showdown!

Posted Oct 30 2009 12:00am

Everyday we hear dietitians and other health professionals telling us that we need to cut down on our salt intake. One of the common tips they offer is to choose low-sodium sauces. Although that seems like a simple step to take, I’ve often pondered as to how realistic is that suggestion.

Is it realistic to ask people to switch out regular sauces and use low-sodium versions instead? Can low-sodium condiments offer the same taste as regular counterparts?

Skeptical, I decided to do a blind taste test to see if low-sodium soy sauce can replace regular soy sauce. With the help of my brother, I carried out a blind taste test. I tasted three types: regular Chinese-brand one, regular Japanese-brand one and low-sodium Japanese-brand version.

Regular Chinese-brand Soy Sauce

Low-sodium Japanese-brand Soy Sauce

Regular Japanese-brand Soy Sauce

All Photos by Matthew Chung

At this point, you must be scratching your head and thinking sour aftertaste in soy sauce…that must be disgusting! Not really! The sour aftertaste from the low-sodium soy sauce was much more bearable than the sharp, deadly salty aftertaste of the regular Chinese soy sauce.

Conclusion:  Based on a simple smell and taste test, I managed to pick out the low-sodium soy sauce. In other words, low-sodium soy sauce and regular soy sauce are not really interchangeable in my food world.

But! Crazy as it may sound…after the blind test, I’m actually more appreciative for having a low-sodium soy sauce laying around in my house. I think the next time I reach for the soy sauce, I’ll grab the low-sodium kind!

What are your thoughts on soy sauce? Have you tried low-sodium soy sauce? Did you like it?

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