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Soy-Based Weight Loss Diet More Effective Than Traditional Diet

Posted by Heather J.

In a recent experiment, 30 obese subjects were put on equal-calorie weight loss diets, with one of the diets including only soy as a protein source, while the other included a mix of meat and vegetable protein. The soy dieters lost significantly more body fat and had healthier changes in cholesterol levels. The study doesn?t say whether or not the meat protein sources came from lean meats or merely a variety of meat. Whether you choose chicken breast or ?mock? chicken, key points to remember are to stick with lean, clean protein that's low in saturated fat, such as skinless chicken, fish, lean red meat, soy-based products such as tofu and tempeh, and vegetable protein from beans, nuts, and seeds. And don't forget low-fat dairy products, which will give you the calcium you need to keep your bones strong.
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