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Soup, Sandwich, Snuggles

Posted Dec 28 2009 12:04pm

Agenda for today:

- Play and constantly use the bathroom for 2 hours

- Take a walk outside to the mailbox

- Eat lunch and treats as fast as you can

- Snuggle



Maggie was out this morning! I snuggled with her for an hour, but she slept in this spot for about 2-3 hours this morning.


I guess all those trips outside tired her out :)

We’ve eaten lunch, gone to the bathroom outside a few times, and I walked her down to the mailbox since she’s learning to be on a lead.

She did okay, but the dogs in a neighbor’s fenced-in yard freaked her out a bit. They bark all the time, so I don’t blame her.

Right before our short walk, I fed her lunch in her kennel and made me a quick + comforting meal.


I had some Campbell’s boxed veggie soup that I won in a contest, so I heated up a box (which is 2 1-cup servings) along with about 1/2 cup of the leftover soup from last night’s dinner.

The soup was pretty good! It was a blended veggie soup, as compared to the normal chunky veggie soups, so that was a nice change.

I added some crushed red pepper + garlic + salt on the top and had the soup along with a grilled provolone sandwich on Nature’s Pride whole wheat.


Grilled cheese using olive oil on the bread + in the pan = awesome. I just used my Misto to spray the pan and the bread a little instead of getting out the butter. I love the flavor of the oil on the bread, and it still gets crispy!


And I had to have a little dessert.

  • 2 pieces of my Mammaw’s homemade fudge
  • 2 chocolate covered pretzels that we made
  • a VT chocolate that my sister made us for Christmas :)


My head is feeling a little better – the headache isn’t completely gone, but at least my head isn’t throbbing like it was this morning.


Favorite soup + sandwich combo? Or type of fudge? 


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