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Soup Kind of Day

Posted Jun 11 2009 7:11pm

As expected, the waffles that I ate for breakfast this morning did not hold me over. I had hoped that a hearty combo of toppings would satisfy my stomach until lunchtime, but it was grumbling just a few hours later. Bummer.

After my physical therapy appointment, I grabbed a Black Tea Latte from Starbucks. I ordered it with soy milk and without syrup.

Physical Therapy Recap

Speaking of physical therapy, I’ve had 3 appointments already. Things are going well and I like my therapist, but I’m surprised at how painful it can be! Jeez, Louise! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I’m shocked that my out-of-whack body is responding in such a way. My physical therapist assured me that a little pain is okay as long as it goes away in less than 24 hours (which it has so far).

As you may remember, I have  Trochanteric Bursitis/Gluteal Tendonitis in my left hip. (Click on the link to read about what I have exactly.) Basically, this happened because certain muscles weakened, so other muscles overpowered them, which led to an imbalance where the lengthened muscle became weaker and the shorter muscles became stronger. These imbalances changed the way my joints worked, which upset my hip and created problems– most likely caused by training for a half marathon!

So, I’ve been working with my physical therapist to strengthen and stretch the muscles in my hip and lower back. Today, he used an ultrasound machine on my hip to loosen the muscle and help with inflammation. It didn’t feel like anything was happening while he was moving it around my hip, but it does feel better– noticeably looser now!

My physical therapist also provided me with a custom home exercise program consisting of stretching and strengthening for my hip using my own body weight and rubber tubing to gradually help my hip gain strength and endurance.

Additionally, we’ve been utilizing a  Bosu to increase my stability. Muscles that are considered “stabilizers,” often the ones close to your core, help keep your joints in the right position and steady them while you move. If my muscles aren’t doing their job property, it can make my hip lose some of its control and keep it from working the right way.

I find all of this physiological stuff incredibly fascinating! During my appointment, I ask my physical therapist question after question about why things happen and what it means for my recovery. He must think I am so annoying!

Anyway, I want to get better ASAP, so I am taking this whole process very seriously! (I am missing out on good running weather!) You guys will probably hear quite a bit more about it in the next few weeks. I still have 3 weeks to go!

Vega Energy Bar Review

Mid-morning, I was still hungry, so I broke into my afternoon snack: Vega Whole Food Energy Bar. While I am big fan of Sequal Natural’s Smoothie Infusions, I am, unfortunately,  not a fan their Energy Bars. :-?

According to the nutritional information on the back on the Whole Food Energy Bar, they are nutritional powerhouses with complete raw protein, fiber, enzymes and phytonutrients, and omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. The ingredients even sounded delicious, including hemp protein, agave nectar, and flaxseeds. However, the flavor was horrible! I don’t know what I was tasting exactly (probably wheat grass), but the bar tasted and smelled like fresh  hay from a farm. Yuck-ola! I took 2 bites and tossed the rest. Maybe the bar was just too “raw” for me?


I purchased lunch from  Au Bon Pain today. It’s definitely a soup kind of day, so my order was easy: French Moroccan Tomato Lentil Soup. The soup had a strong tomato flavor with a slight zing, but it wasn’t nearly as chunky as I had hoped. It left me wanting something more.

Dessert was also an easy decision: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie! :mrgreen:

I balanced-out my round lunch with a small orange.

Today is flying by! Almost the weekend! Yippee!

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