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Posted Jul 22 2009 12:16am
Lunch yesterday was a tasty salad. It had spinach, lots of romaine, bell pepps, chia seeds, hemp powder, and ginger miso dressing. No raisins today, I'm seeing if I miss them from my salads or not. So far, I barely missed them.

My pm snack came early courtesy of my grumbly tummy! I had some squash and zucchini rounds topped off with raw garlic and sun dried tomato hummus. Sooooooo satisfying!

Rushing home for dinner found me with some left overs. I had some tilapia with lime and grilled eggplant. Anyone else think fish doesn't reheat well? It always tastes soooo amazing freshly cooked, but reheated just doesn't work!! It made me sad :(

I also had a slice of ezekiel with a.b. and fig spread to prepare for athletic training.

Well apparently, nothing could prepare me for athletic training yesterday. The trainer decided to be evil and absolutely killed us. I woke up way sore this morning. While it was incredibly hard to get through, I always feel so great after a really hard class like that! And I love that we get to run in the sand on the beach for part of class. It is a painful workout, but is there anything better than a beach view? I think not! Gotta love living in San Diego!

I came home and made my lunch for the next day while snacking on a smoothie in a bowl. Nana, pineapple, mango, papaya, kale, spinach, brown rice protein, coco oil, raisins and oat bran. I'm loving adding the oat bran to smoothies, it totally gives it an awesome thick texture!

I was still hungry after all that so I had yet another slize of ezekiel with a.b. and blueberry fruit spread. I was in a carby mood yesterday!!! And I loved every bite of it!

Breakfast this morning was a juicy delicious pear with an
almond-hemp spread /cinnamon/fig spread quesadillia. This turned out to be just a bit on the filling side. Barely over the top, but not good right before working out!

Luckily I was able to digest enough on the bike ride over to the gym that it didn't bother me during my workout. I did a quick upper body workout (I didn't need much given the soreness from athletic training the night before) and some stair master time before biking back.

Then I had pretty much the same recovery shake as yesterday , but with tropical ola loa instead of orange and some oat bran added in!

Hope you all have a lovely day, I know I will!
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