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Some races you race, some you run

Posted Sep 18 2010 11:06am

I know that I just posted about wanting to lose 5 pounds, but we went out for pizza last night. Pizza is not something that I eat often, and like I said, I’m just trying to get in control of my snacking issue, not my meals. It’s okay to have pizza every now and again. Several people had told me about this newish pizza place near Georgia Tech called Antico Pizza. I’d heard that the place was small and that sometimes you’d have to wait to get a table, but it was not like I pictured. At all.

This is what the main “dining room” looks like.


Yes, those people are all standing. And on the other side of the room were giant pizza ovens.


We managed to score a table before our pizza came out. Even though the ambiance was a little odd, the pizza was damn good!


We split that pizza. It was bigger in real life than it looks in the picture. It was actually pretty huge. And very delicious.

After dinner, we went home and watched some tv and I got my clothes ready for this morning’s 10K. When my alarm went off at 6 am, my stomach was loudly telling me that it wasn’t very pleased that I had greasy pizza the night before. Ugh. I went to the race, stomach in knots.

I told myself (and my friend Jaime that ran with me) that I was just running this race to run. I wasn’t running to race. I didn’t have any specific time goals. I kept having to remind myself that because I didn’t have a particularly great race.

It started out fine. The first two miles were totally fine. I wasn’t making good time, but I was making okay enough time. But then, around mile 3, my stomach started to gurgle a bit and I felt tired and stopped to walk for a few minutes. By the time that I got to Mile 5, I felt much better. I think partially because I was really familiar with this part of the course and I could picture the hills (or lack there of) and knew exactly where the finish line was and how far away it really was. I like running in familiar territory. I like knowing that at this stoplight, we’re at 5.5 miles. When I hit the 5 mile marker, my stomach felt better and I got a second wind and picked up the pace a bit.

I finished in 1:06 something. Really not what I wanted, but not too bad, right? Some races you race, some you run. I ran this one. Well, and walked!

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