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So…What’s New?

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:36pm

Hello 2009!!

Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post. It makes me so happy that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! I can’t wait to share the next year with you.

Our New Year’s Eve was relaxed and relatively uneventful at home. When I was in high school, my friends and I used to get together, but even then we always stayed at someone’s house. Now that I’m in a new state and enjoying the holiday with my family, I’m carrying on that tradition of staying home…with a little something to take the edge off, of course!


I woke up early and still feeling not-so-great. I grabbed a mug of Coffee Cocoa and peppermint biscotti to start, which really helped make me feel better. I can’t describe the “sickness” very well because I don’t think I’m actually ill - it’s more just an anxious feeling that is causing my stomach to roll. I get it every once in a while and, at the risk of sounding like a crazy person, I think it’s because of how I was feeling after the football game. I’m really nervous about going back to school because it’s essentially the beginning of the end! And so my body reacts and throws off my appetite.

Fortunately, eating something actually made me feel better this time (the day before it made me feel even worse) and I was soon ready for our annual New Year’s Eve golf round. Can you tell we have a lot of golf-centered traditions in this family? I grabbed a big bowl of Kashi Go Lean before we left - 2 cups.


The golf round was AWESOME and really boosted my spirits. I played better than I have all year - 2 birdies, woot woot! - and felt it was the proper way to end the year. When we finished, my appetite was back with a vengeance, and we decided to grab lunch at the clubhouse. They start by giving you a big bowl of homemade potato chips to share among the table, which taste amazing. I loved the bowl they came in, too - I even asked the server where they found it!


The soup of the day was roasted red pepper and corn, which I obviously couldn’t turn down because, well, just the name itself sounds delicious! It didn’t disappoint - it was thick and hearty with a whole bunch of corn kernels in every spoonful. I had 1.5 cups!


Then my mom and I decided to split the House Chopped salad, which comes with romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, radicchio, blue cheese, walnuts and onion rings (didn’t eat those) mixed with a White French dressing.


Once we got back home, I decided to go on a run because it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I have to enjoy the sun and warm temperatures while I still can! I did my usual 3-mile “mountain” course and thought a lot about what the next year is going to bring. I honestly can’t imagine what I’m going to be doing this time next year - which is part exhilarating and part terrifying!

After my run, I came back and snacked on some pomegranate seeds.


As well as two of these delicious DARK chocolate covered pretzels. Mmm!


Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Papa Bender has a “Surf ‘n’ Turf” tradition on New Year’s Eve. The actual combination varies every year, but it always has to include crab legs. This year there was also some cocktail shrimp


Along with the “turf” or rotisserie chicken


And the star of the show


He also boiled up some corn on the cob, which tasted excellent!


Here’s my plate, which included some cocktail and barbecue sauces.


With dinner, I had a glass of Silverado Cabernet Sauvignon.


This was delicious, but I held myself to one glass because I knew that my mom was making a batch of her margaritas later on, and I didn’t want to miss out ;) So instead, I snagged a peanut butter cup for dessert. Gotta keep disposing of those Christmas treats somehow!


And below, we have my mom’s handiwork. I sipped on this throughout the night while watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ NYE, talking to Bobby, and waking up my parents (who were sleeping on the couch) when midnight finally arrived here in Arizona.


And that, my friends, is how this girl ended her 2008. What a great year!

Random Question

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 2 things (not people) would you bring with you?

This question reminded me of Lost, which I can’t WAIT to watch when it comes back in a couple of weeks! If I had to pick two things (not people)…hmm…this is tough! I’m assuming I can’t bring a phone because there is no service, right? And if we’re on a desert island, there probably isn’t much to eat…can you tell I’m thinking about this WAY too hard?! Ok, off the top of my head, I’d pick sunscreen and a speedboat - so I could get the heck off of the island without getting burned too badly ;)

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