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So my other disordered eating be ...

Posted Jun 18 2009 2:10am

So my other disordered eating behavior — which my therapist says isn’t actually disordered — is waking up at midnight and eating … even after a great, healthy food day … even after I’ve been satisfied.

It usually happens during my period, which is this week … and I’ve used up 90% of my WPAs between the hours of 1 and 3 a.m. this week. Not even joking.

And it wasn’t emotional eating either– I’d had a great day at work followed by a wonderful night with my husband that included a fab sweat session at the gym and awesome bonding when I got home. No troubles on these calm seas.

Hell, I even put a NO CHOICE sign on the fridge and my cabinet last night … but it didn’t stop me.

These night-time snacks (but no spitting — seven days strong!!) are totally sabatoging me in every way, yet when they’re happening, it’s as though I am out of control of my own body.

I know they are part of what is holding me back from my goal weight and happiness with my body. I hope to sleep through the night tonight …

How about you? Do you wake and eat? How do you stop? Locking the door hasn’t even helped me …

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