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So Many Changes! I’m So Confused!

Posted Nov 03 2012 10:02pm

‘So many changes, I have no idea where to turn?’ Do those words sound familiar? It seems that each and every day the rules on the foods you should eat keep changing. First it was salt. Then it was butter. Then it was sugar. Oh wait, it’s still sugar only now it’s fructose. Oh wait, it’s now aspartame. Wait, it’s still sugar, right? No, wait it’s honey or agave or GMO’s or …? You notice the trend? 

Okay, so you’re not the only one confused. It’s understandable that we all must remain healthy to live long and prosperous lives, or at least that’s what we have been told. However, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be confusing. 

Think back to your ancestors. Many of them lived a very long time with minimal to no ailments. Did the word ‘cancer’ exist back then? How about ‘cardiovascular disease’ or ‘diabetes’ or ‘hypertension’? Chances are your ancestors lived healthier and longer because of the natural foods they ate. The latest and greatest microwave-able or processed foods did not exist back then. Instead they ate from the earth such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, meats, poultry and fish. Is it possible to live that way again? Yes! Although it will take some work on your part, it is possible to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry and fish products. 

But don’t limit the changes in your lives to simply food. You must incorporate physical activity as well. Today’s society has become lackadaisical, which of course means they want things either done for them or quick and easy. 

It takes work to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

You have internal instincts that will tell you when to stop. Your body was not made to sit around and eat sugary foods all day long. Don’t believe me? Try eating nothing but ‘junk food’ for a day while laying around watching television or on the computer. By the day’s end you will fill lethargic and ill. You wouldn’t put sugar in the gas tank of your vehicle and expect it to function properly. So why would you do the same to your body?

Am I saying that you should do the ‘all or nothing’ technique? Of course not! Moderation is the key to success. Treating yourself occasionally to delicious treats is perfectly acceptable when you know your limitations. Notice the last few words in that sentence…’know your limitations’.  No one is there to ‘police’ you and monitor what you place in your mouth or note the lack of your activity. You are in control of your body, your mind and ultimately your health.

Be mindful of the latest news reports on salt, sugar, fat, protein, carbs, etc..but don’t let it take over your life. Innately you know what is healthy and what is not. Be aware of the chemicals that are included in foods today and stay clear from them. Those items will be frequently found in processed and ‘quick and easy’ food items. 

Be mindful. Be careful. Stay informed.

Listen to your body signals and as always moderation is the key.

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