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So, I'm on a diet and trying to lose a significant amount of weight. I've been using SparkPeople and on the program I have certa

Posted Mar 05 2010 12:06pm

I’m not a huge fan of any kind of supplement if you can get the nutrient elsewhere. When it comes to protein, you definitely can, even as a vegetarian! Here are some great sources:

  • tofu
  • beans (especially chick peas and lentils) and other legumes (peanuts are legumes)
  • eggs
  • dairy (good sources are cottage cheese and Greek yogurt)
  • nuts
  • whole grains
  • seeds (quinoa is technically a seed)

All dairy products are complete proteins, meaning they contain all necessary amino acids, along with buckwheat, amaranth, spirulina, soy, and nutritional yeast.

If you still can’t get enough from those sources, try a protein powder, like whey, hemp, or brown rice.

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