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Snowshoeing with Kids- 5 Tips to Make it Fun!

Posted Feb 21 2013 12:18pm

Keeping kids active in the winter is a challenge!  My kids actually don't mind the cold or being outside, but some days are just dark and dreary, and the only thing that sounds like fun is cuddling up with some popcorn and a movie!  In fact, I think our food posts in the winter go up by 90%, and our posts go down by 100% in the winter.  It looks like my last exercise post was in October , and that didn't even involve the kids!

But as soon as the sun peaks out behind the clouds (or smog if you are in Utah), the outdoors just calls to us!!  On Presidents day,my husband decided he wanted to take the kids on a snowshoeing adventure.  We don't own snow shoes, but we were able to rent some really good ones for $10 a pair.


Snowshoeing can be great fun for even the littlest of kids, especially on a nice day. Here are 5 things we do to keep it fun, rather than drudgery!

1) Bring Food

I'm hopeless. I can't even write an exercise post, without including food!  Anyway, our favorite hiking food is also perfect for snow shoeing.  We brought fruit leather, peanuts, and sandwiches.  

2) Use good equipment

Snowshoes are pretty much one size fit's all style.  We had kids size or adult size to choose from.  Good snowshoes can feel like tennis shoes, and be really comfortable and easy to walk in.  Crappy snowshoes may be difficult to walk in, especially for little ones.  I'm all for renting! Especially for kids, where you can get the good brands, without forking out the big prices.  Then, make sure they are strapped on well, so kids don't just walk right out of them.

3) Wear warm, comfortable clothes

I used to hate winter sports!!  And it wasn't until recently that I realized why. I was always cold and wet!!  The last few years, I started to collect better clothes, like boots that are actually water proof, gloves that keep your hands warm, and pants that don't get soaked through.  And you know what? Winter activities are so much more fun when you aren't cold and wet!

4) Give them something to do

For Erica, the 12 year old, we found that giving her the camera has helped her attitude tremendously!!  She's in charge of taking pictures of our trip and it keeps her busy and pre-occupied.  She hardly has time to complain (I say hardly, cause she seems to find a few opportunities to complain). 

But the boys had fun too.  They liked to make snow angels and see who can jump in the deepest part of the snow.  You could also find geocaches, which is something we used to do, but keep forgetting!!

5) Find a new trail

Finding new places to go always makes for a fun adventure. New waterfalls, new rivers, new hills, mountains, trails, plants, animals, and more.  There is so much to see, and with snowshoeing you can make your own trails, or follow someones trail they've already made.  Either way, exploring is second nature to kids!

Have you tried snowshoeing with your kids yet?

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