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Snow Day + Salba Smart Giveaway One Day Extension

Posted Feb 23 2010 12:00am
Good Evening! 

It seems like forever since I have blogged and since I am behind schedule I am going to add one more day to the Salba Smart Giveaway because I did not get a chance to give everyone a heads up that there is only one more day to enter.  This is a fabulous giveaway and you REALLY do want to ENTER.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is
1) Become a Follower (if you are not already one)
2) Post a comment about "Why you want to try Salba Smart and how you would use it?
3) If you are fellow blogger, please link to blog.

 It it as easy as that and I will select the winner on February 24th!

Check out the Salba Smart Prize Pack
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Okay.... so the weather here in Austin truly is crazy!  On Sunday it was beautiful, sunny and 73 degrees and today the kids got out of school early because it snowed!  SNOW DAY!  It actually was quite beautiful and fun for the kids.


Austin Style Snowman

Snow really is beautiful, especially since we don't ever get any so the novelty does not where off like it did back in my Chicago days. 

So let's get to the food part!  I started off this rainy day with a wonderful warm bowl of Banana Walnut Salba Oats.  

Banana Walnut Salba Oats
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 water
1tbsp of Salba Smart
 1/2 banana, sliced
Combine above ingredients in small pot and cook over medium heat for 4-5 minutes.  Spend the last minute vigorously stirring the oats until the softened banana is incorporated into the oats.  Remove from heat and top with:

1/2 banana, sliced
1 tbsp walnuts

Yum!  A perfect way to fuel up before heading out into the tundra.  

I taught Bliss Boot Camp.  Kudos for Brittany for showing up.  We had a great one-on-one class and I don't blame the rest of you for not showing up this morning!  But I better see you tomorrow. Ha.

I then trained a client and got the call from my husband to swing by school and pick up the kids.  They spent the afternoon playing in the snow.  One thing I forgot about was all the wet clothes.  They would go out and play, then come in and put dry clothes on and then go out again.  Ah.... more laundry.
Lunch was my new favorite-- Egg Blindfolded on a bed of Sauteed Kale + leftover Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash.


Honestly, this meal is so good and I love, love, love it!

I also taught yoga today and it was awesome because while I was teaching the snow was falling in the background and it was beautiful and soothing.  A great day to practice, a nice warm and cozy studio with a beautiful backdrop of snow-capped trees.

I needed to use up some of my leftovers before cooking more things.  I am really trying hard not to waste food.  I had another serving left of Red Quinoa, Kale and Veggie Soup and ate this for dinner.

So last time I blogged, I was going on about how excited I was about being at my "happy weight" but was concerned because pizza eating was on the horizon.  Well, I thought I better go ahead and confess my sins now since it is Lent and all.  I am determined to be able to eat pizza without over doing it but this is where the confession comes in.  I made the most AMAZING pizza and had all the good intentions of only eating two pieces.    The pizza was  a Pear, Arugula and Blue Cheese Pizza with  Whole Wheat Crust.

Pear, Arugula, Blue Cheese Pizza- before baking.
Wow!  Pear, Arugula and Blue Cheese Pizza is the bomb.

So in my attempt not to over-do it, I slid into my "skinny" jeans thinking that this would prevent me from eating more than the requisite two pieces.

Well, that did not happen, I loved it so much that I ate 4 pieces and guess what.... I was not at my "happy weight" the next day!   My actions do have consequences and since I am aging it seems to take two to three days to take off what I put on in one sitting.  I must add that I also had dessert that day as well so it was not just the pizza.

Needless to say, such is life and I am back track again and I did in fact love the pizza and won't give it up but will work on my self-control.  I may ask for a pizza intervention, the next time I know I am going to eat it.  A comment here of there reminding me not to over do it just might be the encouragement I need!

My to-do list just got mighty long today with a new project that I am working on so I am going to take a deep breath and just start at the top and work through them one-by one.  I have a March 4th deadline and I know I can get everything done I just feel a little overwhelmed at the moment.  BREATHE.

Okay, no more procrastinating off to my to-do list I go!
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