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Sneak 'Superfoods' Into Your Diet

Posted by Larissa

Superfoods include such items as berries, broccoli, tomatoes, nuts, salmon, whole grains, low-fat dairy, eggs, dark leafy greens (especially spinach), beans, sweet potatoes. According to the U.S. government 2005 dietary guidelines, most people are not getting enough fruits, vegetables, dairy, nuts, beans, and omega 3- fatty acid-rich foods. The best way to "sneak" superfoods into your diet is by making substitutions. You can substitute tuna for salmon, lettuce for spinach, cookies, crackers, and other snacks for raw vegetables.
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Man, I hate brussels sprouts, but that's a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion Shez.
I like to substitute quinoa for rice when I cook at home
What's wrong with Tuna? It has omega-3 too, and I eat about a can a day. Everything else on there I love.
Constance - good, I love eggs! Just had one with some rice and veggies. Quick protein and tasty too. And canned garbonzo beans are good in a pinch to get some 'meat' into an otherwise protein-free meal.
I try to include foods high in monounsaturated fats at every meal. These help control visceral fat and heart disease. Examples of these foods are: olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, and dark chocolate. One serving is 1/4 avocado, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 oz. chocolate or 2 tbsp nuts or seeds. These help keep you satisfied and not craving in-between meal snacks.
i like brocoli , its good
One superfood that has been off limits until recently is the egg. I have added an egg a day to my breakfast. Recent studies have shown that one egg a day can contribute a substantial amount of lutein to your body. This nutrient can help prevent age-related macular degeneration which is a major case of blindness in seniors. The lutein gives the yolk its bright color, so it is important to eat the whole egg, not just the white.
Thanks for letting us know what "superfoods" are. I really had no idea..
Another super food that I've stumbled upon is boiled peanuts (forget the roasted stuff). Nuts are great sources of "good" fat and I always try to throw in some nuts in my salads to give it an extra boost. I stumbled upon this awhile back and I'm going to start eating more boiled peanuts. Hey if the Southerners can eat 'em there must be something tasty about them. :) Hope this helps those who are trying to look for some other super foods to add to their diet.
I know what you mean about the chocolate chip cookies - there's nothing better than a fresh batch. I limit the number of times I bake during the month, so I still enjoy food, but in moderation.

Excellent suggestions. But...well...I can't live without my soft batch chocolate chip cookies :-p

Usually at the office I snack on spicy cashews or yogurt or have oatmeal for breakfast, and eat a light lunch as well as a light dinner. Pan seared tuna with home made (mild spicy) tomato sauce is one way to go. I recommend frozen grapes and a spinach/lettuce pan seared tuna sandwhich. Yum.

I'm liking all those superfoods juices like Odwalla. Let them mess up their juicers and strainers! Plus, they mix in tasty fruits to cover up the disgusting, good for you, weird herbs. You can throw one in your purse and be set for the work day.
lately I have been sneaking brussels sprouts into my food. You may not think they are the absolute tastiest, but if you chop them up really fine, you can sneak them into anything.
If you added up all the things we're supposed to eat, it would take up all your eating! I guess that's the point. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I'm working on substituting coffee with green tea right now. So far, no caffeine withdrawals!
Well, a good superfoods breakfast is the traditional Jewish Sunday brunch of salmon, sablefish, olives, tomatoes, onions... Also, pretty much the "ugliest" part of veggies and fruits: the dark, leafy or tough skins, are the best for you. That's because those are the parts that protect the fruit/veggie from the sun. Their vitamins will help protect you from the sun!
Wow, that's a super breakfast. I also like having yogurt and you can add cereal with fiber to the yogurt for a little crunch and added boost.
My morning breakfast is a peice of wheat free toast with avacodo and sprouts of broccoli and alfalfa. Then I have some soya yogurt (I don't have regular milk...but if you are OK with it you could have organic yogurt) with raw chocolate and goji berries, both of which are excellent super power foods!
When the whole superfoods thing came about I was so happy to see that many of them are old favorites. Thanks for tips on new ways to incorporate them into my diet.
Adding grape tomatoes is a great idea! Thanks for the idea Nancy.
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