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Snacks for Your Heart

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you’re looking for some snacks that are low in fat and good for your heart, the following three yummy eatables will not only kill hunger pangs—but it’ll make your heart happy, too!

1) Hummus-dipped veggies: Obviously, fresh veggies are low in calories and are packed with antioxidants, and the fiber helps to lower cholesterol—all things that are great for your heart. Also, hummus, made of chickpeas, is packed with protein.

2) Fruit and dark chocolate: These are both great when it comes to fighting free radicals, because they’re packed with antioxidants. Dark chocolate’s flavonoids are also great for the heart, and add a little indulgence.

3) Cantaloupe with fat-free cottage cheese and berries: Again, the fruit’s loaded with antioxidants, and the fat-free cottage cheese fulfills your dairy appetite, sans all the saturated fat.

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