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Smell lavender, spend more?

Posted by vicki l.

People talk about the calming or invigorating effects or aromatherapy, but can certains smells make you spend more at a restaurant? A small study suggest that may be so. Two French behaviorial scientists, Gueguen and Petr (2006), looked at the effect of different smells on how people use their time and money people in a restaurant. They only tested 22 British pizzerias, but they learned some interesting things: If lemon was dispersed in the air, people spent slightly more, but not enough to matter much. But when lavender was dispersed, people lingered a little longer and spent about 20 percent more. So next time you go out to eat and you smell lavendar ... hang onto your wallet!
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That is so interesting! It's amazing how smells can manipulate our emotions. I would like to note that if you show up at a boy's house and you smell lavendar, he's trying to seduce you. Studies have also shown lavendar to be one of the scents that get a guy's libido raring. So maybe... this study was aimed at men! They take a girl out to dinner, smell the lavendar and got excited. They thought, okay, if I wine and dine her (spend more) I will succeed in my romantic endeavors. Very, very tricky!
That's incredible! Definitely put a smile on my face. I absolutely love the smell of lavender, and it relaxes me very much, so I'm tempted to try this out. Although, spending more money usually means eating more calories....hmmm. Perhaps I'll try it at a mall!
This is very interesting... Lavender is known for being calming, so maybe people get relaxed and don't worry about the money they are spending?
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