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Smart Spinach and Strawberries

Posted by Suzanna S.

Studies have shown spinach to outperform most other vegetables as a brain-health booster. In fact, some experts recommend a daily spinach salad as a key to heightening recall and capacity to learn. If you are involved in some wonderful new learning experience, like a new language, a new job, or a new sport, that daily spinach salad could provide an edge in that learning curve. Strawberries have also shown great promise in clearing free radicals and uplifting brain function. I did the experiment, having a small bowl of fresh organic strawberries every morning, and a small spinach salad at lunch every day (dotted with blueberries and goat cheese), for three weeks. While I did this test, I lowered my intake of brain supplements. I'm happy to say the diet did seem to make a difference. Since I like to find ways to eat healthy rather than supplement, this was a great experiment. I would recommend organic spinach and strawberries, since the goal is to reduce free radicals and provide the brain with neurotransmitter material, and any pesticides or chemicals in the food might reduce that effect significantly. Suzanna Stinnett
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