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Smart Snacks

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:05am

Within an hour of dinner, we had a t-ball game.  It wouldn’t really matter how recent dinner was, my kids still get “hungry” as soon as we get in the car, or go anywhere.  Normally, I don’t bring anything to eat when I know they should be full from dinner, but since I am in the mood for major vegetable consumption, I decided to bring a bag of baby carrots. 

img_2299.gifI didn’t make a big deal of it, just put it on the empty lawn chair next to me as I watched the game.  Flip-flopper and cereal boy were playing at the park, and ketchup boy was in the game. 

Flip-flopper came to check in with me, when I pointed to the carrots, “Need some energy?”   She responded half excited, “Sure.” and took one.  Next Ketchup boy came over for a drink.  “Need some energy for the big game?”  I said, pointing to the bag of carrots again.   He also said, “Sure,” took one, and then ran back to the game.  They didn’t ask for dip, they got some beta carotene, and I was glad they weren’t eating fruit snacks.

img_2304.gifThe lesson to myself here is, when no other food is competing for their attention, they are more likely to comply with what I do have.  I won’t say this will work again, nor would I say it would have worked in the passed.  Kids are funny that way.


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