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Smaller Portions Mean a Smaller You

Posted by Julie M.

One of my New Year’s resolutions (and I don’t usually make them) was to reduce my portion size whenever possible to keep my weight from creeping up. I hate “diets.” If I deprive myself of say, chocolate or chips for very long, I just get grumpy and end up eating more! So I was pleased to find out that portion control, along with trying to eat lower-calories versions of my favorites can really make a difference. Researchers found that women in a study who ate smaller portions and low-cal foods trimmed an average of 812 calories a day! That’s way more than I burn on the elliptical trainer in an hour! And these women still ate brownies, pizza, and pasta, just less and reduced calories options. So I’m buying “skinny” bread and yummy reduced-fat chips at Trader Joe’s and so far, so good. I plan to fit into my five-year-old jeans for as long as possible!
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