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Sluggish Workout? You May Need More Zinc

Posted by Heather J.

If you're reasonably fit but lag during exercise or feel stiff afterward, you might be low on zinc. New research suggests that zinc, a mineral known to support the immune system and regulate cell activity, may also help fuel us during workouts. Studies show that low zinc intake (less than five milligrams a day, well below the recommended daily allowance of 11 mg) appears to affect the endurance of otherwise physically fit individuals. Zinc helps the body get rid of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which can build up during a workout and cause muscle stiffness. Oysters, red meat, and poultry are all good dietary sources of zinc. Vegetarians can opt for fortified cereal, nuts, legumes, or wheat germ, all of which have good amounts of zinc.

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If you're working out every day you may not be helping yourself any. You should give yourself at least one day a week off. Working out stresses your body and your mind. You?ve got to give yourself a chance to rejuvenate. You can do cardio all the rest of the days. But make sure to give yourself a day off between strength training sessions. It?ll give your muscles a chance to recover.
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