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Slow Burn Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower

Posted Nov 17 2010 2:56pm

Slow Burn Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower

Exercise trends come and go, and one of the ones that went in the late 1990s was the idea of exercising slowly to burn more fat. The theory was well rooted in exercise science–you burn a higher percentage of fat while exercising slowly and a higher percentage of carbohydrate as you speed up–but not very practical for most people. If you’re only going to exercise for a half-hour a day, you burn a lot more calories by going fast than slow, regardless of how many of those calories come from fat.

Now Stu Mittleman, probably the foremost advocate of slow exercise, wants to reopen the argument. Slow Burn presents an entire lifestyle plan built around running slowly. He doesn’t disagree with the idea that you can lose weight faster by training faster; he just thinks it’s too stressful for the body to exercise that way.

Mittleman is one of the most famous long-distance runners in the world, and by long, we’re talking really long: he once ran 571 miles in six days. So the program he outlines in Slow Burn shows you how to slow down and achieve more–an exercise plan that’s less stressful to your body; a diet plan with less sugar and more healthy, unsaturated fats from fish and olive oil; and some tips about rethinking your everyday life to make it less stressful. (For example, he advocates the 85 percent rule: try to do everything the right way 85 percent of the time, and don’t knock yourself out over the last 15 percent.) He also peppers the book with theories he’s picked up from various branches of alternative medicine and nutrition–applied kinesiology, reflexology, and eating according to blood type. Mittleman’s plan isn’t for everyone. Certainly, if you like weight lifting or fast-paced sports like hockey and basketball, you won’t find much to like here. But if you hate the pressure to always go faster, faster, faster, in life and in exercise, you’ll find that Mittleman is on your side. –Lou Schuler

5 Stars Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower
I have tried various exercise routines, and running has always been about as interesting as watching paint dry. I saw Mr Mittleman do a short video with Tony Robbins, and he talked briefly about his philosophy. I was impressed enough that I figured I would find his book which I did on Amazon and read it. To say this book has had a personal impact on my life would be a understatement. What he discusses is not only a good way to approach running but life itself, not only did I start a new workout regiment, but I also have made some changes in my life as well, which are starting to pay dividends.

This book has inspired me not just physically, but mentally as well. What you get out of this book is up to you, read it with a open mind and try it, you might just be surprised.

4 Stars Highly recommended!
This is a great book and it has taken me farther then I thought possible in a very short period of time. I enjoyed all the personal stories of how the concepts are applied in the real work and the explanations of how he discovered them. I have already used the techniques to run my first 1/2 marathon (pain-free!), so I can truly say the concepts work.

My biggest issue with the book is that Stu likes to repeat himself… a lot. I haven’t counted, but I’m sure he explains the “breathing into the ball” concept in its entirety at least two dozen times. It’s not a big deal since you can recognize the repetition and skim past it, but it is a little annoying.

My other issue with this book is that the science is a little dated, even for a book written 10 years ago. It seems he is clinging onto the understanding of the human body that he learned while in college and hasn’t kept his knowledge up to date. As a result, the scientific explanations he uses to justify his techniques are not entirely correct. Don’t get me wrong, the techniques do work; it’s just the explanations of why they work are incorrect.

In conclusion, this is a great book and I highly recommend it!

2 Stars Touchy-feely
Despite the unbelievable background of the author, I was disappointed. The book took me back to the early nineties, with all the touchy-feely “sharing”, “empowering”, and every bit of the word-magic I can do without. I gave up after about thirty pages and rifled through the rest of the book to see if there was a pony hiding somewhere. There wasn’t.

2 Stars Not a book on how to do slow burn exercise
I was looking for a book to learn how to do Slow Burn Exercise. What exercises

to do and details about the time to be dedicated to each exercise, techniques

for slow burn weight lifting and I was in hope the book would show pictures

of people exercising using the slow burnn techniques. This Book does not

accomplish any of the above. Instead it is about running, marathons, and

Mittleman’s experiences with client as a coach. I purchased this book


5 Stars Great book
If you are into exercise where your performance is great but you are not working as hard with much less stress to your body this is a must read. This is not baised on theroy, this is written by the guy that did the world records. It is great for you or a present to anyone into arobic exercise (running, swimmin, bike etc…) and is a fast read.

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