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Slim Fast Recall Reveals Poor Ingredients

Posted Dec 08 2009 9:07am
Once again, the recall of a popular weight loss product reveals that foods and drinks made with cheap ingredients create more harm than good.

All Slim-Fast beverages have been recalled by the manufacturer due to possible contamination from unhealthy bacteria, Bacillus cereus. A notice posted on the FDA website explains, "The recall involves all Slim-Fast RTD products in cans, regardless of flavor, Best-By date, lot code or UPC number."

Here's more on this topic with an excerpt from an article by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and editor of

"The probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote," says the FDA. But they mean from the bacteria. The possibility of serious adverse health consequences from the other ingredients in Slim-Fast is a whole different matter.

Of course, in my opinion Slim-Fast should have been recalled long ago for false advertising. Any drink positioned as a weight loss beverage that's made primarily with sugar water should probably be banned from being sold even when it's not contaminated with bacteria.

Beverages like Slim-Fast and Ensure are only really consumed by the most uninformed, nutritionally-ignorant consumers -- people who don't read ingredients and probably wouldn't understand them even if they did. Primarily, these drinks are sugar water and milk proteins, combined with a few synthetic vitamins and low-grade minerals. They are, in every way, "junk food beverages" that offer absolutely no slimming or weight loss benefits whatsoever. They're really more like a warm milkshake in a can than any kind of health beverage.

If we could all lose weight by drinking milkshakes and sugar water, America would already be the fittest country in the world!

By the way, if you do own some Slim-Fast (and please tell me you don't), and if there is some Bacillus cereus swimming around in those cans, you might find it interesting to note the bacteria is the only thing alive in Slim-Fast! That's because Slim-Fast is a dead food. Every one of its ingredients has been pasteurized, processed, refined, cooked or otherwise destroyed of any living properties, making Slim-Fast just like all the other processed dead foods sold in grocery stores -- dead and devoid of any real phytonutrients, but loaded with cheap, dead ingredients like milk and sugar.

Read the rest of the article...

So, as this reveals, you can shop for health food items that save money, but when cheap ingredients are used, your health suffers. Is it really worth saving a couple bucks to buy products that, at best, don’t work, and at worst, make you sick? Better ingredients equal greater benefits for your health and fitness.
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